Jonathan Isaac Robison PhD, MS

KIDS, EATING, WEIGHT & HEALTH: Helping Without Harming

Heightened fears elicited by government proclamations about the childhood obesity epidemic are driving caring, concerned parents to allow their children to be subjected to unproven and potentially dangerous interventions. Children are faced with constant haranguing about the dangers of fat and an overload of media images of often grossly underweight celebrity role models. In addition, we are asking schools to weigh children and send notes home to parents when these children are deemed to have a “weight problem.”  Growing efforts to promote healthy eating have led to organized searches through children’s lunch boxes, prohibition of cupcakes at birthday parties and suspensions for possession of candy. These types of measures threaten to do irreparable damage to both the physiological and psychological health of our children. This presentation will critically examine the research and myths relating to children’s eating, weight and health. Practical guidelines for helping children to become healthy eaters and maintain healthy weights will be presented.

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