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In an editorial entitled Losing Weight–An Ill-Fated New Year’s Resolution two senior editors of the prestigious New England Journal Of Medicine state that “the data linking overweight and death, as well as the data showing the beneficial effects of weight loss, are limited, fragmentary and often ambiguous.”  Nevertheless, our culture’s unrelenting obsession with thinness causes tremendous suffering and social isolation for individuals of size. This is particularly damaging for young girls and women who are constantly pressured to divert their energy and resources to the pursuit of ideals of body shape and size that are, for the vast majority, neither achievable nor healthy. Indeed, women of all sizes as well as growing numbers of men suffer from an intense fear of fat that plays havoc with their self-esteem and promotes disordered eating and exercise behavior. This presentation will debunk traditionally held myths about the relationship between weight and health, and suggest an alternative paradigm that can empower individuals to lead healthier, more fulfilled lives by honoring and caring for the bodies they presently have.

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