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… Do Risk Factors Increase the Occurrence of Disease?
… Is a 50% Reduction in Risk Meaningful?
…What Kind of Research Generates Conclusions? Hypotheses?
…Why is so much of Health-Related Research Wrong?
…What are the Limitations of “Evidence-Based”?

Health recommendations are routinely based on conclusions drawn from epidemiological risk factor research. Unfortunately, the lay public has a very limited understanding of the meaning of the term risk. Furthermore the media, health practitioners and even scientists often confuse or ignore the distinction between cause and association. The result is widespread confusion and anxiety about health recommendations and a loss of professional credibility. This workshop will examine the proper and improper application of epidemiological risk factor research from conceptual and statistical perspectives. Using practical examples and uncomplicated mathematical explanations, participants will be guided towards a more accurate comprehension of risk. Suggestions for minimizing public confusion and anxiety and improving professional efficacy and credibility will be explored.



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