Jonathan Isaac Robison PhD, MS

2-Day Intensive Training Certificate Program

Traditionally, health professionals attempt to motivate people to change certain behaviors in order to ward off disease.  Primary attention is given to the physical determinants of disease, and the most common form of motivation is fear.  Unhealthy habits are identified, and individuals engage in behavior modification programs that reward them for substituting more appropriate behaviors.  Unfortunately, the research does not support that these types of strategies lead to positive, long-term behavior change for most people. In addition, these approaches are increasingly in conflict with the new holistic assumptions about health, illness, healing and the process of change.  This intensive workshop challenges health professionals to re-think the traditional focus of health education/promotion programs as well as their own personal philosophies of health. Limitations of traditional strategies will be examined and an alternative, holistic approach for helping people create health and support healing will be presented in detail. Practical applications of this new information for health professionals in a variety of settings will be explored. A Certificate Of Completion will be awarded by Doctor Robison at the end of the seminar.     If you click on the word INTENSIVE you can see and print more detailed information describing the material as presented in a multiple-day training format.

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