Jonathan Isaac Robison PhD, MS

Applications for Professional Practice

Recent years have seen a growing interest in spirituality’s role in the lives of clients and healthcare professionals alike. Just 5 years ago only 3 out of the nation’s 125 medical schools offered courses on spirituality, while a full 2/3 offer such courses today. Using rigorous scientific research as a foundation, this seminar will examine the complex, multidimensional relationships between spirituality, religion, health and healing, with special attention given to the ways in which recent research can be used in therapeutic work with patients and clients. Updated information on how psychoneuroimmunolgy, quantum physics, chaos theory and recent findings in archeology and anthropology support a more holistic and spiritual¬† approach to understanding the nature of illness, health and healing will be explored.

Jonathan Robison, Ph.D., MS
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Adjunct Associate Professor, Western Michigan University
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