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More than yoga, herbs & meditation

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What people are saying about the book!

“This book is a refreshing departure from the trite formulas and slogans of today’s health hucksters. It is an in-depth look at the meaning of health and how to acheive it, in all its nuanced expressions. THE SPIRIT AND SCIENCE OF HOLISTIC HEALTH is a significant contribution. This book should be tattooed on the brain of every health-care professional in the land.”

- Larry Dossey, MD
Author: Healing Beyond The Body, Reinventing Medicine, and Healing Words

“Health Promotion is all too often viewed and practiced as a dull, paternalistic effort to control behavior and avoid disease. What a freshly, new perspective Karen Carrier and Jon Robison bring in their book, THE SPIRIT AND SCIENCE OF HOLISTIC HEALTH. Informed by the latest science as well as their rich, practical experiences, these pioneers present a much richer and more effective way to improve health. Holistic Health Promotion replaces disease with joy, fear with meaning, and external control with inner trust. Their recipe for health will reach many people who have been turned off and abused by the current health facism with its relentless focus on the ‘perfect’ body, avoiding ‘bad’ foods, and regimens in which people are urged to deny pleasure to enjoy health. What a relief!”

- David S. Sobel, MD, MPH
author of Healthy Pleasures and Mind & Body Health Handbook
Director of Patient Education and Health Promotion
Kaiser Permanente Northern California

“I don’t believe any book in the field of health promotion can match the one you hold in your hands for a comprehensive understanding of the changes taking place in our time in history, and how they will influence our thinking in this important vocation. Do yourself a great big favor – read carefully and savor the wisdom within the following pages. This book has the capacity to change your life in wonderful and serendipitous ways.”

- L. Robert Keck, PH.D.
Author: Sacred Eyes, Sacred Quest, Healing as A Sacred Path

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