Jonathan Isaac Robison PhD, MS


Nebraska Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics – April, 2015 (from the conference chairs)

“Your talk was so great and relatable to every RD in the room. I commented to Meghan how impressive it was that you could be so dynamic even without being there in person to hear the laughter and feedback from the crowd. We both wish we could have met you in person!”

Florida Dietetic Association – July, 2013 (Executive Director)

Your session was by far one of the most popular ones for our 600 attendees. Many people said we kept the best for the last day! The attendees really appreciated your perspective on health and your engaging delivery style

Ben Franklin Institute National Eating Disorder Summit – June – 2013:

“Best presentation of the conference, both in terms of content and in delivery style of presentation.”

“One of the most, if not the most, thoughtful, stimulating presentations I have ever heard.”

“Jon Robison is the best speaker I have heard in a long time. Intelligent. This man knows what he is talking about. Excellent, tasteful use of humor.”

American Journal of Health Promotion Conference – March, 2013:

-  “Finally – Someone and Something that gets it and can sell it! More Please!”

-  “Terrific having a different point of view and controversy. Lots of talk about topic afterwards! Wow!”

-  “Jon is great and very well substantiates his challenge of the status quo! Bring him back!”

“Dr Robison is one of the nation’s top experts and speakers regarding the difference between science and hype when it comes to the complicated issues of weight and health. He is brilliant, highly personable and compassionate. Dr. Robison has mastered engaging audiences and empowering organizations towards much more effective health programs.  (Scott Foster, President, Wellco – 2012)

I invited Jon Robison to be the keynote at our 2010 New York State College Health Association Annual Meeting. He was a pleasure to work with and willing to ensure that his presentation met the needs of our constituents. I received many words of complement for bringing Jon to the attention of the conference planning committee. Jon Robison is an enthusiastic, well-informed presenter. His presentation is well-researched and finds the critical balance between information and entertainment that leaves his audience wanting more. The hope in planning any professional conference is that you leave your attendees thinking and looking forward to bringing new information back to their practices. Jon Robison can deliver.
(Rebecca Harrington, Health Educator, SUNY Oneonta, co-conference planner for NYSCHA.)

Loved the presentation! I am now looking at Wellness from a completely different perspective. (Midwest Worksite Health Promotion Conference, 2009)

Very thought provoking and dynamic. This may go against mainstream thinking, but it definitely got a lot of us talking and thinking. (Midwest Worksite Health Promotion Conference, 2009)

The Best session that I have attended this week! (American College Health Association National Conference 2008)

Excellent, informative, entertaining, engaging….please speak again!!!(American College Health Association National Conference 2008)

My Daughter just became a MD – her fiancee is about to become one. Their wedding gifts will be your book and the many you highlighted. I hope they will be as influenced as I have been! Thank you enormously! (American Association of Occupational Health Nurses National Conference 2006)

Jon – you are so instrumental to my growth and understanding of health. God bless you. All OHNs need to hear you speak. (American Association of Occupational Health Nurses National Conference 2005)

Hallelujah – This session is the “reason” I’m here (didn’t know until this morning). Bless you! (American College Health Association 2005)

Outstanding! Honest. Truthful. Inspiring. Thank you. (National Wellness 2004)

Outstanding! Undeniably one of the best talks I have ever attended. Life – changing!! (Renfrew Center Foundation Conference 2002)

Tremendous presentation, best yet which is hard to believe w/level of conference presenters – Excellent, Life-Changing (National Wellness 2001)

Never before have I been so invigorated by a CME course. I am renewed, physically, mentally, and spiritually, thank you. (American Journal of Health Promotion, 2000)

Jon I am pleased to have taken your intensive workshop, because it touched a special place in my heart …You sparked off an emotion. At first it was a tearfullness. And I was not ashamed. It was exhilirating to know that all those years of medicine did not really extinguish my sensitivity. Thank you for a wonderful 2 days. My personal assistant would also like to thank you because she has never seen my soft side. Not in 8 years of working with me. (Dr Alec Savicky, Medical Director Health 4 Life, Australia.)

Jonathan’s delivery is powerful yet easy, joyfully serious, and unhurriedly quick (National Wellness participant – 1999)

Truly a leader in the industry – Brilliant! (National Wellness 1999)

Great!!  Touched me deep inside. Empowering – life changing. (National Wellness –99)

Absolutely excellent! He was worth the whole conference! This must appear on the web! (Air Force Surgeon General Conference 1998)

Without peer. The best speaker of the week by far. Hope that everyone at the conference takes his message to heart. (Air Force Surgeon General Conference 1998)

Very, very interesting! Great lecture. Should provide this information on a large scale to all health care professionals. (Air Force Surgeon General Conference 1998)

Here is the long list of thoughts from the conference participants. If ever you have a discouraging day and are wondering why you do what you do, just pull this out and read it. You will know instantly that your work is having a huge impact on individuals and the work they do!!! (Linda Morton, Boise Dietetic Association Conference Chair, 1999)

Great Job! Thanks for saying the emperor has no clothes! Best presentation of the conference.  (American Journal of Health Promotion 1999)

You did good!!! Top scores for the bunch on your first try. (Dr. Michael O’Donnell, President, American Journal of Health Promotion  – 1998 Conference)

This has been the best presentation I ever attended. What an awakening. I am determined to redesign my program. Thank you. (Association for Worksite Health Promotion International Conference, 1998)

I want to express our appreciation for the time and effort you put into your sessions. Your concurrent presentations got rave reviews both verbally and on the written evaluations. (Carol Wruble, Michigan State University 25th Annual Food and Nutrition Conference, 1997)

Outstanding! He’s one of the most effective speakers I’ve ever heard! It would be great to have him be a regular part of the conference. (Society for Public Health Education Conference, Ohio, 1999.)

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