Jonathan Isaac Robison PhD, MS

Separating Rhetoric from Reality

Governments and health organizations around the world have declared “war” on the epidemic of obesity. Acceptable body weight standards have been repeatedly lowered so that 2/3 of the American population is now considered to be overweight and in need of treatment.  Yet, there is no evidence that any of these treatments is effective and growing concern about negative consequences. As a result, women of all sizes and increasing numbers of men suffer from an intense fear of fat that plays havoc with their self-esteem and promotes disordered eating and exercise behavior. Incorporating the latest research, this presentation will explore the social, political, economic and scientific foundations of the War on Obesity. The philosophical and scientific basis of an effective, Health-Centered approach for helping people with weight-related concerns will be described and practical applications for the workplace, private practice and public health policy will be presented.

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